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The Epic 8 Week Challenge Has Arrived!
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Are you ready to TONE UP, BURN FAT, and GET FIT in ONLY 8 weeks AND win an ENTIRE YEAR of Epic Fitness membership for FREE plus $500 in prizes?

Epic 8 Week Challenge Details
Check Out Just A Few Things That Are Included!

Challenge will officially begin on Monday, January 22nd, and we will end on March 19th.  Pre-sale registration will begin on January 12th.


Hydrostatic Body Fat Tests *This is considered the GOLD standard in body fat testing.  This gives us the information to calculate exactly how many calories your body needs to burn the most fat.

Unlimited Workouts!  We offer over 30 different sessions a week with the most incredible coaches and tribe motivating you step by step.  This also includes access to our NEW Epic Revolution Indoor Cycling Program & our Spartan Saturday OCT Training.

8 Week Customized Nutrition Program with Custom Macronutrients.  Additionally you'll have access to multiple meal plans, grocery lists, and recipes. 
This program has SOLD OUT every time,
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We Like To Celebrate Your Success!
After you complete your Challenge, we get to celebrate you and all your amazing accomplishments at our Red Carpet Party!  Will you be our next winner of our Epic 8 Week Challenge? 

Challenge FAQs...
  • Who can participate in this program?  Anybody can participate in this program.  It doesn't matter if you haven't worked out in 20 years or if you are an elite athlete.  All workouts are designed to challenge each person at their own fitness level.
  • How much does the program cost?  The real question you must ask yourself is how much my health and fitness is worth?  A program this EPIC would normally run thousands of dollars, but to serve more people in our community we are keeping the costs lower than the value you actually receive.  However, you must be on the pre-sale list to get the actual pricing, so make sure you add your name and email using the link above.
  • I don't really have any weight to lose so should I do the challenge?  Absolutely!  This is NOT a weight loss challenge, this is a FAT LOSS and muscle building challenge.  No matter how fit someone is, they can still build muscle and drop fat!
  • Will there be someone to answer my questions during the program?  Yes!  Your coaches will be able to answer any questions inside the private VIP Facebook page as well as in person and via phone.
  • I will be going out of town at one point during the challenge, can I still participate?  Yes, in fact the winner of one of our previous challenges went out of town for an entire week!  We will hold you accountable while you are away!
  • I have an injury, can I still participate in the challenge?  Yes!  Our sessions can be modified for any person and any injury.  We have had people participate in bootcamp after foot surgery, knee surgeries, shoulder surgeries and many other injuries.
Will You Be Our Next Epic Transformation?
McKayla Case
27 years old, Simi Valley
McKayla was the winner of our 2017 Summer 6 week challenge!  She was determined to get results, get fit, and change her life.   She not only won a FREE year of Epic Fitness, but most importantly she created lifelong healthy habits that will benefit her for the rest of her life.
Mike Nolan
53 years old, Simi Valley
Mike saw dramatic results in just 6 weeks, he lost over 10lbs and 17+ inches.  Mike is very busy and devotes a lot of his time to his community and family.  However, he didn't allow for his busy schedule to get in the way of his commitment to his health.   Since the challenge he has continued to see results and change his life.
Elena Pineda
39 years old, Simi Valley
Elena changed both physically and mentally during the 6 week challenge.  She was hyper focused on both the nutrition and workouts, it showed!  This incredible woman has even lost 25+ more pounds than her after photo shown above.  A true example of how Epic can transform your life.
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